The Adjustments

Posted on: October 24, 2012

The move took place and the adjustments have begun. Saturday the internet was installed and I did a ton of shopping. I got a new bed, bedding, a vacuum, basic household things I needed and the stuff that my friend was holding was dropped off. All the dishes were cleaned
and put away and I didn’t get as much unpacking done as I wanted, but I was trying to spend time with my girlfriend who was visiting as well as put my life together, one item at a time.

The dryer I bought had a three-prong plug and because the house I am renting is new, it has a four-prong plug. I went to Home Depot thinking I could just buy an adapter…. Yeah no, they don’t make such a thing. I had to completely re-wire my dryer with a four-prong plug. i figured out the grounding wires, the neutral wire, etc. When I plugged it in, I smelled a little bit of a burning/sulfer smell, so I decided to wait until the next day to figure it out.

Sunday morning I went to Home Depot and met with the electrician expert. Told him what I had done, showed him with cables how I wired everything and he looked at me and smirked… I felt like a dumb ass. Then he said “damn girl, you would make a good electrician” That’s right! I rewired my own dryer, who needs a man? I am woman hear me
roar! Raaaaaawwwwwwrrrrrrrr! Hahahah. That being said, I did buy a fire extinguisher anyway. I figured it was a good thing for me to own.

I had been trying to find laundry pedestals for a cheap price. The cheapest I had seen them were $199 at Costco and couldn’t find any used nearby. I decided to go on Sears’ outlet website and ended up getting TWO laundry pedestals for $64.00 total! They were the floor models (who cares) but the only bad thing was I had to drive to a city 45 minutes away to pick them up. I went last night after work and now
they are sitting in my garage until I can find a male species to lift the washer and dryer for me.

I have everything I need for the house except a dresser for my baby and some towels. I don’t know what I was thinking when we packed the trailer, but I totally forgot to grab his dresser. I have a plastic one I will use for now. Everything I have accumulated came rather quickly. The items were either donated to me, bought off of Craigslist, or at the Goodwill, and I must say my place is starting to look nice. Now if I could just figure out how to decorate?

The kids had been so good the past couple of days. No fighting, no bickering, nothing. Then their dad picked them up from school yesterday. I picked them up last night at 8:15 and noticed that the fighting seemed almost immediate. They bickered last night until I had to physically restrain my son, and they started again this morning. It’s amazing how much his negativity affects them. I just hope it is temporary and eventually they can go to his house without this effect.

The new habits are being formed, including everyone making their bed every day, shoes always in the closet, no dishes in the sink, no eating away from the table, etc. The kids are frustrated and used to getting their way, but this is the way it HAS to be and I won’t slip on these rules.

The most frustrating thing was that my son was in a violent rage last night due to his medications. He was thrashing and growling and nothing was calming him down. I finally had to call my husband to talk to him and calm him down. That was one of this single-parent moments I was fearing and it only took four days to arrive!

Last night before I picked up the kids, my husband called me and tried to start the biggest fight ever. I finally said, as calmly as possible, “you are infuriating me and I want you off of my telephone now.” I then hung up the phone. I told him I don’t care about any of this anymore and I will NOT fight with him. Hopefully, just like the children, he will soon learn and accept that this is the new normal. I will NOT argue about stuff that happened two, three, even fifteen years ago. I won’t do it.

My motion is forward and nothing is going to get in my way.


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  • smrisme: If she didn't know I was hurting that would be one thing, but she knows. She called earlier and heard me crying. Since then, no call, no text to check
  • foreverlostgirl23: I'd say don't let her get to you but, seems she already had. I'm sorry though your not alone. I hope things get better you can email me if u need to t
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